Grand Junction Master Plan

This Grand Junction Master Plan concludes a thorough and collaborative planning process. Guided by a diverse and enthusiastic group of stakeholders, the Master Plan recommendations are intended to create a unique and memorable civic heart for the City of Westfield that will endure for generations to come.

These ambitions are expressed in the goal that the Grand Junction Task Group (GJTG) defined for the project: Over the next 25 years, create a sustainable and compelling Downtown, the “Grand Junction,” that is the unequivocal centerplace of community life in Westfield and has significant regional appeal.

The Grand Junction is envisioned to be an integrated combination of uses and outdoor public spaces that physically express its core brand promise–that the Grand Junction is a place where many kinds of connections are made. These connections are:

  • With family and friends
  • With the larger community
  • With nature
  • With great places to dine
  • With distinctive places to shop
  • With important regional trails and roadways
  • With Westfield’s historic legacy

Click Here to download the full plan in PDF format.

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