Volunteer Opportunities

We have a lot of exciting developments planned for this year and will need all the hands we can get to make some wonderful changes in the community. This organization can only thrive if we have the community participating in its growth.

If you’re interested or have other ideas on who you’d like to help, contact:

kenkingshill@dwna.org or call  317-771-8003

General Office

  1. Marketing: website/social media management, brochure/Ad design, event photographer
  2. Administrative: organizing office file systems, data entry, general management
  3. Research: gathering community contact data, sponsorship options, vendor pricing and options, community event opportunities
  4. Event Assistant: manage details on special events for the City (printing, fundraising, distribution, marketing etc)
  5. Photographer


Farmers Market:

  • Event chairperson needed! (overseeing committee and managing market details)
  • Volunteering on Friday nights to work DW booth for the community

Westfield Rocks the 4th (Fourth of July event)

  • General volunteer planning & implementing the event

Westfield In Lights (holiday tree-lighting event)

  • Committee assignment
  • General volunteer

About DWNA

The Downtown Westfield Association reinvents the way a town grows into a city. Our volunteer-led programs and events not only maintain Westfield’s small town appeal, but also allow room for Indiana’s newest city to evolve and serve our ever-changing population.

211 South Union Street
Westfield, Indiana 46074